Kahana Bay Day After Session // Ben & Courtney

May 1, 2019

My jaw was on the floor the entire time! These two couldn’t be any cutier! And just when I thought the photos couldn’t get any better they switch to their bathing suites and you got those super romantic showers shots!! Too good!

Stoppppp! The pant suit! The shower! The greenery of Oahu – freakin magical. You killed it!!

This is just the best, such a well captured session!

Oh my gosh! I have literally been looking for this romper everywhere! I saw someone where it at an event I went too and never had the chance to ask them. My day as been made! Also, these are gorgeous!!

oh my goodness the shower shots are especially awesome!!

I LOVE the new take on a traditional wedding dress. Also that flower crown is so simple and sweet, I love the unique take on that too! This couple looks so in love, this was captured so well!

uhm WOW that jumpsuit is EVERYTHING! this couple looks like they know how to have fun! well done with the photos!

omg this session is the BEST!! you captured their personalities so freaking well!