July 1, 2018

Mother nature amazes me every day. I love exploring new places and new national parks, and I had the opportunity to photograph in a park I was not familiar with, Los Padres National Forest, and wow did it not disappoint! The Forest has endless beauty between lush trees, rolling hills, and flowing creeks!

Michael and McCall are a super special couple that came from Utah. They both share a passion for music, sushi, the beach, and photography! They are both incredible photographers and adventure all around sharing their travels through beautiful photographs! Check out some of Michael’s work HERE and show him some love!

But seriously, talk about the most on fire perfect sunset one could ever possibly wish for when doing a photo shoot! (You will have to make it to the bottom to see the fiery goodness I speak of!) Then you get these two adorable humans in the picture and it results in an epic golden hour shoot of frolicking through fields in the California mountains. These two were so sweet to spend the evening with, oh and I just couldn’t stop marveling at McCall’s luscious locks! I mean look at that beautiful hair!!! These two Utah lovers are getting married this August in a temple that is going to be covered in succulents and greenery with a boho vibe. SO glad I got to hang out with these two and wander through Los Padres National Forest! This place will always hold a very special place in my heart after this session!