March 15, 2018

Paddywagon Tours is Ireland’s premier adventure bus tour company! With tours running year round offering an assortment of fun for everyone ranging from students to families to the solo traveler! Paddywagon tours offers several day trips, multi-day tours, and private tours all across the lovely land of Ireland!

I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed my day trip up North with Paddywagon Tours, they added such an awesome element to my trip that I will treasure forever! I loved getting to work with them, and can not speak highly enough about them and how they run their tours!

The buses are large and cozy equipped with wi-fi, which means you can post all your awesome Instagram and snap stories while on the road to show off the epic places you tour through your day! The tour guides are knowledgeable, comical, and add a lot of cultural fun to the trip!

You can book your Paddywagon Tour directly through their website or with almost all hotel concierges and hostel reception desks, as well as at all official Irish Government Tourist Offices!

The tour I chose to do was the Giant’s Causeway trip up North! This trip consisted of a full and thrilling day starting at 7:30 AM and not returning back to the city until nearly 9 PM! But every hour was worth the long and beautiful journey! The trip consisted of a stunning coastal drive that stopped at many major attractions including The Dark Hedges, The Giant’s Causeway, Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge, Dunluce Castle, and finally the city of Belfast where you then journey back to Dublin!


Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge- We started at the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge which is in the picturesque village of Ballintoy. It starts with a stunning coastal path with jaw dropping views everywhere you look of rolling hills with flocks of sheep, that then giveaway to towering cliffs and crashing waves. Carrrick-a-Rede island used to be used as a main spot for fishermen to harvest their salmon. For a small additional fee, you are able to cross the rope bridge for a fun and thrilling experience, in which I definitely recommend doing! Not only is crossing the bridge beautiful, but once across you have different viewpoints of the cliffs and aqua water coves!

Giant’s Causeway– This is definitely the highlight of the day! The Giant’s Causeway is a large area made up of roughly 40,000 Basalt columns that create the most beautiful stepping stone patterns along the coast! Big green mounds rise high over the ocean. If you continue to walk down past the basalt columns that are commonly walked upon, there is a path that leads you up to a higher lookout point! If you have the time, definitely take this path, as I think it had some of the most magnificent views! The path allows you to get a closer look at the bright orange vibrant rock formations mixed in with the volcanic black rock as well! There are many tales and legends behind how the Giant’s Causeway came to be! However, a lot of mystery still remains! Thanks to our Paddywagon tour guide we got an insightful and again comical version of what he believes to have happened! Walking this coastline was my favorite part of the whole day! You are given an ample amount of time to explore here and really take in all the land has to offer!

Dark Hedges– For all the Game of Thrones fans out there, this road is commonly seen as the Kings Road in Season 2. The hedges are known as Beech trees, that were planted in the 18th century as a driveway entrance to the Gracehill House, planted to impress visitors! This road is a dream to walk down, where you are tunneled in by towering trees, with open fields of green and sheep at your sides. Another bonus to being with Paddywagon tours, was that our guide pointed out that horrible Ed Sheeran scene, (You know the one) was also filmed in the woods leading up to the Dark Hedges!

Dunluce Castle- This is a very quick photo stop along the way, this stop allows you to get out and stretch your legs for a few minutes, and marvel at the ancient and believed to be haunted castle overlooking the sea! The story goes that an area of the kitchen fell into the sea in the 1600’s, where servants fell to a tragic death! Since then, it is believed to be haunted by the servants of the sea!

Belfast: Due to our accident, we had to cut our time in half at the stop in Belfast leaving not much time to explore the city at all. However, from what I did see it looks like a charming and clean city to go explore with loads of fascinating and unique history! Belfast is the largest city of Northern Ireland, the name meaning “river mouth of the sandbanks.”

Overall, I would definitely recommend a Paddywagon tour if visiting Ireland. Their tour allowed me to see a part of Ireland I never would have gotten to on my own in a cost and time efficient manner!


1. Bring layers on the bus!!! You never know what kind of weather you will get, the seats have overboard space to put small bags and personal items if needed.

2. Make sure you eat breakfast before hopping aboard, or pack a breakfast as it will be a while until your first gas station stop! I would also recommend bringing some snacks, or filling up on some at your first rest stop as it is a long adventure day with no official dining stop. 

3. Listen to what your driver/guide has to say! They are part of the fun, and really help you learn about the land and the brilliant culture of Ireland!

Thanks again to Paddywagon Tours for having me on board! It was a real pleasure!

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Have you ever been to Ireland? I would love to hear where YOU explored, comment below and let me know where you adventured around! 

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