January 29, 2018

Just a short fairy ride, and couple hour car ride away from Seattle lies the most MAGICAL place I have witnessed yet in my travels through out the United Sates. The Olympic Peninsula, a unique and diverse geographic location! You can go from rugged and roaring beaches, to vibrant green, moss filled and wet rain forests! From raging rivers, to sky high mountains, the peninsula has something to offer everyone. Fog rolls through the forests constantly, making you really believe that vampires and ware wolfs are out there lurking in them. (Thanks Twilight.) For any outdoor enthusiast, lover of nature, or person wanting to get off the grid, the Olympic peninsula is your ultimate escape into a mossy, misty, magical land.

Hikes & Trails:

Marymere Falls-MY FAVORITE HIKE I HAVE BEEN ON EVER! easy, no question about it, and I’ve been on some pretty marvelous ones through my time. THIS IS A MUST! Do not miss it.  To get here, pull in the parking lot of Crescent Lake Lodge, park your car, and walk straight back to the forest and you will be on the trail in minutes. An easy doable hike for levels of all sorts. You feel like you are in a dream due to the over saturated green moss, and the stika spruce trees are seriously memorizing. My mom and I believe they come alive at night and do a dance through the forest and that’s why their branches are all twisted around! Just under 2 miles, the hike leads you to a beautiful 90 foot rushing waterfall!


PRO TIP: Be sure to stop on the second bridge you cross, before the flight of stairs and look back at the river and long bridge going across the water. I think this is the BEST view on the whole hike.

Spruce Railroad Trail- 19.6 miles of paved lake side trail. Perfect for families, and anyone looking for a more laid back simple trail. Walk as much or little as you prefer of the 19 miles that make up spruce. But dont let the simplicity fool you, the views are to die for! About a mile in, you hit a wind tunnel that goes through massive rock formations. Have fun walking through the pitch black tunnel, which leads you out to the favorite part of the hike