January 17, 2018

Lake Crescent Lodge is indeed paradise on the Olympic Peninsula. But not the ritzy paradise you would typically think of. It’s paradise for the people that want to truly get away,  the people that want to truly disconnect themselves and be immersed in the beauty that is mother nature! And man is she one lovely woman! Lake Crescent Lodge is the ultimate place to stay on the peninsula, but even if you already have a place to rest your head, a stop to this little gem is definitely worth the trip! Not only do they have breathtaking scenery in every direction, with an amazing restaurant cooking up all the freshest catches, but they have the very best hikes I have ever been on right in its own backyard!

Getting there: Once you are in Olympic Peninsula territory you start making your way towards Crescent Lake.  You will be driving down winding woodsy roads, until all the sudden the green of the trees dissapear to showcase a beautifully still emerald blue lake!  Your maps will tell you to turn off into what looks like the woods. You may question going down this path, that does not seem like a road, but trust your map and go for it! Eventually, you reach the parking lot, and there the tiny lodge sits among the best backdrop of the mountains and water!

Hiking & Exploring the Lodge Grounds: There is so much beauty to explore on the lodge grounds! With the lodge sitting directly on the water, there are beautiful paved lakefront paths as well as a nice long bridge that looks like you’ve walked out onto heaven. Behind the lodge begins the multiple paths of breathtaking hikes ranging from easy to strenuous. There is so much to see on the grounds in fact, that you would never even have to leave!

Marymere Falls: MY FAVORITE HIKE I HAVE BEEN ON EVER! easy, no question about it, and I’ve been on some pretty marvelous ones through my time. THIS IS A MUST! Do not miss it. To get here, pull in the parking lot of Crescent Lake Lodge. Park your car, and walk straight back to the forest and you will be on the trail within minutes. An easy doable hike for levels of all sorts. You feel like you are in a dream due to the over saturated green moss, and the stika spruce trees are seriously mesmerizing. My mom and I believe they come alive at night and do a dance through the forest and that’s why their branches are all twisted around! Just under 2 miles, the hike leads you to a beautiful 90 foot rushing waterfall that is Marymere Falls!

PRO TIP: Be sure to stop on the second bridge you cross, before the flight of stairs and look back at the river and long bridge going across the water. I think this is the BEST view on the whole hike.

Rooms: The rooms themselves are nothing fancy, but if all your looking for is a warm, clean, and cozy place to rest your head at night, the rooms will certainly be that for you! The rooms have no TVs, no WiFi access, and really nothing besides a bed and bathroom. I found beauty in this though, because it really forced you to get out and explore! However, if WiFi and tvs are a necessity for you, they do have a few select rooms in the lodge, as well as upgraded little cottages closer to the lodge. The lodge is also a wonderful place to hang out and cozy up by their fire place with a book and warm drink from the lodge bar.

Eating at the Lodge: I was surprised to discover that the little restaurant that sits in the lodge was DELICIOUS! I ate there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all three of which the meals were fantastic! Not only was the food great, but the views are worth dining there with the big open windows that allow you to have panoramic views of the water and mountains from any where you sit!

PRO TIP: Do not leave without trying the Lavender lemonade, it is so SO yummy! The Elk burger is also fantastic, as they commonly catch that elk and serve it shortly after!

Overall, I truly think there is no better place to stay for your Olympic Peninsula adventure!!!

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